Every Woman Is A Queen, Sometimes She Just Needs A Little 

Crown Adjustment. 

Aligning Your Mind, Spirit & Beauty 

A New You Is Within Reach


Overwhelmed? Stressed? Tired of doubting yourself? Lack of Confidence? Feel like your not being seen or heard? Lost at a crossroad on how you look & Feel?

Does this sound like you? Well baby boo, It's no accident you found your way here. You are exactly where you are meant to be. #Beautymanifestation


Hi, I'm Angielena. I'm a

Spiritual/Beauty Transformation Life Coach.

 I help transform women and teach them to cultivate their true unique beauty from the inside and out. As a Beauty Expert and Energy healer and NLP life coach Practincer, I know beauty is so much deeper than what lies on the surface. Beauty and confidence are the essences of who we are ... It actually radiates and vibrates from the inside and out. When these vibrations are off it makes it difficult to find clarity, balance, confidence and dims your true shine...  

I know what it feels like

to be consumed by the dark shadow of

self-doubt and how hard it is

to fully pull yourself out. I'm here to help you find your true unique authentic beauty inside &out,

so you can

Slay it with Confidence

and start living your best life.



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What I Specialize In:

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