Meet Angielena

Spiritual / Beauty Transformation Life Coach

        Hello, beautiful souls! I'm Angielena a licensed stylist and image consultant but spirituality and light working has been my core foundation ever since I could remember. Even as a child, I always brought wounded cerates home wanted to fix and heal everything. literally growing up to become a tree hunger in heels...


Last few years I set out on a mission to get certified as Chakra and Angelic healing practitioner and an (NLP) Practitioner life coach. I don't just want to make women look beautiful. I help women overcome the limiting beliefs that stop them from living their best version,

      I have conjoined all my practices into one to help women embrace and cultivate their authentic beauty.  By raising their beauty vibrations so they can heal and overcome their limiting beliefs, and Slay It With Confidence from the inside and out.


Confidence is an attitude that must come from inside and out, but for some of us, it starts from the outside in. In my studies and practices, I discovered that beauty is one of the highest forms of positive energy vibration. It was at that moment when it all clicked for me and I set out to become a Spiritual /Beauty Transformation Life Coach. #beautymanifestation


It's funny that we've been conditioned to think beauty

is vanity but in truth, it's not. That is a limiting

subconscious belief we are programmed to believe

due to other insecurities or cultural expectations.

At DeLush Crown, you best believe, we are all about

aligning and adjusting your crown so you can be

the queen you're meant to be...