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What does your style say about you?

Yes, beautiful souls, physical representation is a reality!  Let's face it, our personal representation is how others form an opinion on us and try to determine who we are.

Trust me, I get it! Most of us get caught up in this rat race we call life that we've completely pushed ourselves and needs to the back.  Well, I got your back girl, I help the everyday woman looking to recreate your image and confidence either it is personal, professional, or just rebranding your look. I'm here to help you transform yourself from the inside & out no matter what stage in life you're in...   I help women enhance their own unique authentic style and that represents them while elevating how they look and feel bringing their confidence to the next level.

  Hi, I'm Angielena  a licensed hairstylist,

and a certified image consultant beauty mindset coach, I've been makeover women for over 20 years, My work has been featured on talk shows, reality shows, and in magazines

My mission is to empower woman to slay their look & mindset with


Wither it be for re-branding

purposes, or lifestyle changes I got your back girl.

All online consultations are complimentary.  

       In-home and closet assignments

start at 50.00 per hour + travel fee.  Services and private hair & makeup,

course prices vary and will be disguised in the initial consultation.

To Book an appointment please send a detailed email of the services you would like to obtain at

Why You Might Want to be Considered An Image Consult

1. Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear?

Many women have more than one closet full of clothes and only wear 1/3 of that. Whether it be our habits, laziness, lack of confidence or afraid to step out of your comfort zone. As an image consultant, I would love to help you figure out what clothes that actually work for you: color, shape, and design. You will be shown how to mix and match your existing items, resulting in more options with fewer clothes. Who doesn't want a neat, organized closet that makes dressing a whole lot more enjoyable every day!

2. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
If your goal is to attract a new position or to advance your career and maybe even elevate your pay; you need to start looking and acting the part. Your appearance and confidence counts, from head-to-toe.

This doesn’t require a brand new wardrobe all at once! Learning how to mix and match existing pieces, how to easily update your hairstyle, makeup, and becoming aware of your body language is a great starting point.

An Image Coach works with you and helps you create a plan to implement over a specific period of time.

3. Build Self-Confidence

Having clothes that fit properly, wearing colors that make you radiant, styling your hair in a way that complements your face shape, and wearing make-up that suits your skin tone makes a world of difference in gaining back your self-confidence. Focusing on your natural beauty we can maximize the areas you like best and will diminish those trouble areas, boosting your self-esteem. You will walk tall, proud, and more confident!

4. Find Your Unique Personal Style

Lots of women are constantly shopping – trying to keep up with current trends without having any idea what really looks best on them, or what image or style they even want to represent.

An Image Coach works with you to figure out what you like and don’t like and helps you create a personal style that suits both your professional, personal life, and your overall lifestyle.

5. Navigating Through a Life Transition

Graduating and beginning your career? Going back to work after raising children? Getting back in the dating game after a divorce/separation or loss of your spouse? Weight loss, weight gain, or struggling with after pregnancy weight? These are all significant times in a woman’s life!

Entering or re-entering the workforce can also be intimidating, especially at interview time. Asking for direction and support from an Image Coach will get you back on track – looking and feeling good about yourself in a fast and fun way!

In addition to the menopausal weight gain (mostly around the waist), many women experience other changes including their skin tone, the elasticity of their skin, changes in hair color/texture, and even possible hair loss.

As an image Coach & Hair Stylist, I can teach you new tips and tricks for hair and makeup that will teach you how to embrace your unique personal style in a way the enhances your confidence so you can love yourself in a whole new way.

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